Interhouse Competition – The sporting highlight of the school year, not only for the pupils.

All 618 students from Nursery 1 to 6th grade, teachers, guards and trainees, even the trainees of the Skill Center in Brufut were randomly assigned red, yellow, green and blue to the 4 houses (Kundas). A really nice idea to break up class structures and motivate everyone who belongs to the school family for a common event. And everyone was motivated! In Sport Week there was no other topic than „In which house are you in?“, „Blue wins!“, and countless discussions among the teachers with absurd arguments for the victory of the respective house: „Green! Take a look around in nature. Green all round!“ After 3 hard training days and complex transformation of the clay court into a real sports stadium, it was time on 22.03.: the 11th Interhouse Competition took place. We know the strength of African runners from big competitions on TV – here we could also see where the basis for it is laid. With incredible ambition and endurance, the children sprinted barefoot for their team in the sand from an estimated 80 m (Nursery) to 800 m. The competition was loosened up by disciplines such as the tripod, in which 2 children each ran together with their inner legs tied together, or jumped, egg run (here with limes), picking up balls, filling up water bottles, trip to Jerusalem. Surprisingly, none of the older girls crossed the finish line wearing a bucket of water on their heads, although you can really admire women on the streets doing this every day. Until lunch break it was an intense head-to-head race between the green and blue houses. Now that everyone had to wait longer for the school cooks‘ delicious food, a cheerful and exuberant dance party developed spontaneously. Strengthened we went to the seasons. But suddenly the children of the blue team stumbled, lost the baton, green became slower and so the red house literally ran over the two Kundas. Finally 2 highlights for the audience were on the program: „Wrestling“ and „Teachers Race“. Everyone freaked out in wrestling when one of the few chubby students was more than surprisingly thrown to the ground. The two teacher races, at which we interns all had fun (and success), formed the conclusion of a very intensive, emotional and unforgettable sports day. Lisa (Trainee in Gambia)