History of the association

Socialis for The Gambia e.V.

Socialis for The Gambia e.V. is a non-profit, registered association, which was founded in 1999 (registered in the district court Amberg VR 1010). The board and all members work exclusively on an honorary basis. Our aim is to support the educational and vocational training of children and young people in The Gambia with material and non-material help. In this way we want to make a concrete contribution to promoting the educational level of the younger generation and thus to improving the quality of life and independence of the people in this country.

Foundation of Socialis for The Gambia e. V. Granting of non-profit status Search for a plot of land for a kindergarten On February 12th, the association with 6 members is officially founded and the association logo is chosen Acquisition of an approx. 14,000 sqm plot in Brufut Laying of the


Collection of relief supplies and school materials and receipt of a furniture donation for two classrooms Completion of the first building of Sandras Block, financed by Aktion Stein für Stein im Realmarkt in Amberg Entry in the register of associations Granting of non-profit status Shipping of the first container of


Furnishing the classrooms Construction of the toilet and well Enclosure of the property and construction of the storage room Construction of the second school building Ammersrichter Lausbuben Block, financed by the caroling campaign of the altar servers Amberg and Ammersricht Greening of the outdoor facilities Inauguration ceremony of the first


50 members of the association Socialis for The Gambia e.V. Construction of a boundary wall around our property Dispatch of the second auxiliary container with school furniture Completion of the sports field and the playground Our club chairman Brigitte Flick died at the age of 51 years Election of a


Dispatch of the second aid container with school furniture and donated goods Construction and completion of the school kitchen Award for the work of Socialis for The Gambia e.V. by the Gambian government 100 members of the association Socialis for The Gambia e.V. First group trip with 26 persons to


Well extension and generator purchase, financed by Saale Energie Services GmbH in Theißen/Zeitz Shipment of the third container with school furniture and school materials Connection of the aid organisation “KiJu Leipzig” to Socialis for The Gambia e.V. 150 members of the association Socialis for The Gambia e.V. Opening of two


200 members of the association Socialis for The Gambia e.V. About 220 children now attend our school in Brufut Benefiz-Rally from Amberg to Banjul and handover of the rally car at school Laying of the foundation stone of the Kiju block of the social building KiJu Block, financed by the


Inauguration of the food pavilion Two further toilet facilities were built The first two interns Tina and Alex complete an internship at our school Another school building is opened First annual calendar of the association goes into print Now about 280 children attend kindergarten and school in Brufut 250 members


Construction of another building, financed by the Regensburg based company Fronteris Completion of another toilet facility Completion of a Kiju school building Construction of a teachers‘ room and a conference room Two other interns from Freiburg complete their social year at school Once again the government of Gambia honours the


Construction of two more buildings New land for training companies is acquired in Brufut Sponsored run of GMG Amberg finances complete school building Further private invitation of our coordinator Hatab Beyai to Germany Election of the new board of directors Dieter Klarholz, our long-standing Deputy Chairman, has passed away Another