History of the association

Socialis for The Gambia e.V.

Socialis for The Gambia e.V. is a non-profit, registered association, which was founded in 1999 (registered in the district court Amberg VR 1010). The board and all members work exclusively on an honorary basis. Our aim is to support the educational and vocational training of children and young people in The Gambia with material and non-material help. In this way we want to make a concrete contribution to promoting the educational level of the younger generation and thus to improving the quality of life and independence of the people in this country.


July 11


  • Foundation of Socialis for The Gambia e. V.
  • Granting of non-profit status
  • Search for a plot of land for a kindergarten
  • On February 12th, the association with 6 members is officially founded and the association logo is chosen
  • Acquisition of an approx. 14,000 sqm plot in Brufut
  • Laying of the foundation stone of the first school building with Brigitte Flick and start of construction according to plans of a Gambian architect
  • Now 10 Members
  • Registration of the association at the district court Leipzig
July 11


  • Collection of relief supplies and school materials and receipt of a furniture donation for two classrooms
  • Completion of the first building of Sandras Block, financed by Aktion Stein für Stein im Realmarkt in Amberg
  • Entry in the register of associations
  • Granting of non-profit status
  • Shipping of the first container of school furniture and relief supplies to The Gambia
  • Inauguration ceremony for the completed building and opening of the school
  • Completion of the first toilet houses
July 11


  • Furnishing the classrooms
  • Construction of the toilet and well
  • Enclosure of the property and construction of the storage room
  • Construction of the second school building Ammersrichter Lausbuben Block, financed by the caroling campaign of the altar servers Amberg and Ammersricht
  • Greening of the outdoor facilities
  • Inauguration ceremony of the first building and opening of the kindergarten
  • 60 children, 2 teachers and 20 members of the association
  • Lessons start with 50 children, who learn the alphabet and the small multiplication table in two pre-school classes (nursery school)
July 11


  • 50 members of the association Socialis for The Gambia e.V.
  • Construction of a boundary wall around our property
  • Dispatch of the second auxiliary container with school furniture
  • Completion of the sports field and the playground
  • Our club chairman Brigitte Flick died at the age of 51 years
  • Election of a new Board of Directors
  • Construction of a storage room
  • Internet presence has been set up
  • 120 children, 4 teachers and a janitor are financed by 50 members
July 11


  • Dispatch of the second aid container with school furniture and donated goods
  • Construction and completion of the school kitchen
  • Award for the work of Socialis for The Gambia e.V. by the Gambian government
  • 100 members of the association Socialis for The Gambia e.V.
  • First group trip with 26 persons to Gambia
  • Ammersrichter caroling action enables the construction of another school building
  • Start of construction of the second school building and a playground
  • First „Gambian Evening“ is held in Leipzig and Amberg
  • Completion of the storage rooms
  • The ministrants of Amberg/Ammersricht enabled the completion of the second school building and
    Laying of the foundation stone of the third school building
  • The 100th member is welcomed
July 11


  • Well extension and generator purchase, financed by Saale Energie Services GmbH in Theißen/Zeitz
  • Shipment of the third container with school furniture and school materials
  • Connection of the aid organisation “KiJu Leipzig” to Socialis for The Gambia e.V.
  • 150 members of the association Socialis for The Gambia e.V.
  • Opening of two new buildings Future Block, financed by Barbara Aumer from Sulzbach-Rosenberg, and Bruder – Konrad Block,  altar servers Amberg and Ammersricht
  • Group tour to Gambia – Opening of the two new buildings
  • Completion of the third building Laying of the foundation stone of the fourth building
  • At the end of 2004 the association had about 160 school children, 9 employees and 170 members
  • Award of the association by the Gambian government
July 11


  • 200 members of the association Socialis for The Gambia e.V.
  • About 220 children now attend our school in Brufut
  • Benefiz-Rally from Amberg to Banjul and handover of the rally car at school
  • Laying of the foundation stone of the Kiju block of the social building KiJu Block, financed by the former association KiJu Leipzig
  • Dentists from Amberg collected old gold and donated it to „Socialis for The Gambia e.V.“
  • Our coordinator Hatab Beyai was invited privately to Germany
July 11


  • Inauguration of the food pavilion
  • Two further toilet facilities were built
  • The first two interns Tina and Alex complete an internship at our school
  • Another school building is opened
  • First annual calendar of the association goes into print
  • Now about 280 children attend kindergarten and school in Brufut
  • 250 members support the association with 8,- € monthly fee
  • The schools FOS and BOS Amberg donate the proceeds of their Africa Day “Banta ba” and collect an annual donation for the school project in Gambia
July 11


  • Construction of another building, financed by the Regensburg based company Fronteris
  • Completion of another toilet facility
  • Completion of a Kiju school building
  • Construction of a teachers‘ room and a conference room
  • Two other interns from Freiburg complete their social year at school
  • Once again the government of Gambia honours the school and the work of the association
  • Now 300 Members
  • About 340 children attend our school
July 11


  • Construction of two more buildings
  • New land for training companies is acquired in Brufut
  • Sponsored run of GMG Amberg finances complete school building
  • Further private invitation of our coordinator Hatab Beyai to Germany
  • Election of the new board of directors
  • Dieter Klarholz, our long-standing Deputy Chairman, has passed away
  • Another food pavilion is built and bears the name „Dieters Pavillon“.
  • 1 director, 14 teachers, 2 cooks, 2 cleaners, a night watchman and a janitor now work at our school.
  • Trainee Franziska joined the team
  • About 400 Children attend our school
July 11


  • Completion of GMG Rooms
  • Completion Inges Block
  • About 460 children attend school
  • 30 children will receive funding for further education at the Secondary School
  • 10th anniversary of the association in Gebenbach
  • Now 340 members
  • First appearance of Tormenta Jobarteh for Socialis for The Gambia e.V. in Amberg
July 11


  • A plot of land in Sintet is transferred to the association for training purposes
  • Two interns, Ruth and Sandra go to Brufut for a year
  • The creative house planned by the members of the Leipzig group and largely financed by them through stand work and sponsored runs by the pupils of the Reclam-Gymnasium was completed and inaugurated by the group in October
  • Power supply ensured
  • Group trip of 20 members and friends of the association
  • Carol singers from Ammersricht donate again
  • Computer room is inaugurated
  • About 520 Children attend our school
July 11


  • Wall in Sintet completed
  • Two new trainees work in Brufut for one year
  • Training building and shop in Brufut have been completed
  • Since September about 20 children at our school and in the Brufut training centre
  • Carol Singing Ammersricht donates € 5,000
  • Laying of the foundation stone in Sintet
  • Frauenbund Hirschau donates for Socialis for The Gambia
  • First film matinée in Amberg in cooperation with Project help Dr. Luppa
  • The Regensburg based company compustore donates for a workshop
  • FOSBOS Amberg organizes „Banta-Ba“ for one week and collects for the school
  • About 580 children attend our school
July 11


  • Shipment of two containers with school furniture
  • Opening of the tailor shop in Brufut
  • 2nd film matinee in Amberg
  • SIS Swiss International School Regenstauf donates the proceeds of the school festival to Socialis for The Gambia e.V.
  • Shell construction in Sintet finished
  • Our association is immortalized at the „Sculpture of the Citizens‘ Initiative“ in Amberg
  • Completion of the second training building in Brufut
  • Trainee Sabine, teacher at the upper school in Germany, joined our team in Gambia
  • About 630 children attend our school
July 11


  • 3rd film matinee at Union Kino, Amberg
  • Opening of the shop at the tailor shop in Brufut
  • In the now completed building with a classroom and a room that will later serve as a shop, the first 20 young people start their training as hairdressers.
  • Finished construction of the first house in Sintet
  • Opening of the tailor shop in Sintet
  • The 400th membership
  • Hairdresser‘s workshop open in Brufut
  • Construction of the carpenter‘s workshop in Brufut started
  • The interns Kerstin and Felix joined our Team in Gambia
  • Filmvorstellung im Ring Theater Amberg zusammen mit Projekthilfe Dr. Luppa. Als Film wurde “The man who stopped the desert” gezeigt. Wir haben die Kinobesucher mit Kaffee, Kuchen und afrikanischen Mittagessen bewirtet
July 11


    • Cinema event with lunch
    • Movie: Ouaga Saga
    • Annual general meeting with new election of the board of directors
    • Shipment of the 9th container
    • Assistance at the event of 50 years Dr. Luppa
    • Gambian Evening in Amberg / Ammersricht
    • Increase of the membership fee from 8.00 € to 10.00 € (as of calendar year 2015)
    • The open building for the carpenter’s workshop is finished and 5 young people can start their training as carpenters
    • 2 interns (Emily and Victoria)



July 11


  • 2 trainees (Sophie and Elena)
  • African film afternoon with coffee and cake
  • Movie: On the way to school
  • Annual general meeting
  • Gambian Evening in Gebenbach
  • Shipment of the 10th container
  • Repair of roofs on the Brufut Nursery 1 and 2 school grounds
  • Water pump in Sintet silted up
July 11


  • Annual general meeting
  • Repair wells (water pump) Sintet
  • Extraordinary general meeting with new elections and amendment of the statutes
  • Gambian Evening in Amberg / Ammersricht
  • Start of construction of the agricultural project with financial assurance from our sponsor
  • Ceremonial laying of the foundation stone of the agricultural building Sintet
  • 2 interns (Emily and Victoria)
July 11


  • 2 trainees (Emily Bauerfeind and Victoria Berthold)
  • African film afternoon with coffee and cake
  • Movie: TGV to Conakry
  • Group trip to Gambia
  • Inauguration of the agricultural building, hiring of an agricultural teacher and start of apprenticeship for 7 apprentices
  • Shipment of the 11th container with over 100 sewing machines
  • Annual general meeting
  • Visit of Hatab Beyai in Germany
  • Summer party (Stodlwirt, Ammerthal)
  • Two other interns, Nyara and Sarah, and Waltraud Haid as support for the two skill centres in Brufut and Sintet
July 11


  • Equipping the computer room with new laptops
  • Introduction of iPad classes at school in Brufut
  • Dental care project for children at school in Brufut
  • Commissioning the solar system in the Brufut Skill Center
  • New, deep borehole approx. 45 m and new water pump with connection to the power grid as well as construction of a water basin to guarantee the water supply in Sintet.
  • Reorganization of teacher and employee salaries
  • Annual general meeting
  • First sale of vegetables on markets in Brikama and Lamin
  • Another trainee Lisa, a trained lower school teacher, introduced many valuable new teaching methods into the teaching structure
  • Movie night in the Ring Theater together with project help Dr. Luppa. Film: Moi et mon blanc.
  • Interns in October Laura and Hannah
  • Technology without borders makes preliminary investigations in Sintet and Brufut for toilet project
  • 6 October Event with picture lecture, stand and African food at the Kulturstift Amberg
  • 5 hairdressers and 5 tailors received a sewing machine or a hairdresser starter set after passing the final examination.
  • The school kitchen, brother Konrad Block and Future Block will be completely re-covered in December. The roof of the tailor shop in Sintet is also repaired.
January 20


  • Movie night and Fingerfood on Friday 18.1. with the movie “Geliebtes Leben” at Ring Theater Amberg.
  • Technik ohne Grenzen built two dry toilets at Skillcenter Sintet and two normal toilets at Skillcenter Brufut in March.
  • The 20-year anniversary of the association is celebrated with a big ceremony at the Musikomm in Amberg on 16 March.
  • April annual general meeting with new elections.
  • In June, group trip with 22 people to Gambia, where the association’s anniversary is celebrated with a big ceremony and school party, together with board members and association members.
  • Seven apprentices in Sintet successfully pass their exams
  • Women’s garden opened in July on the school grounds in Sintet
  • 31.8. flea market in favour of the association with association information and food in the Kulturstift Amberg
  • Interns: Julia and Iris
  • Four former students receive training financed by sponsor.
    Former student starts teacher training. A sponsor covers the costs.
January 20


  • 14.2. Kinoabend mit dem Film Queen of Katwe und Fingerfood im Ring-Theater Amberg