Skill Center in Brufut

Upon completion of school education, a limited number of interested pupils have the opportunity to start training in our vocational centres. Our goal is to give students a qualified start to their careers. Here, the idea of „helping people to help themselves“ is at the centre of the offers. We are currently offering training courses for tailors, hairdressers and farmers in our training centres.

Tailor shop

Since the opening of the tailoring shop in 2011, 25 apprentices have successfully completed their 4-year training up to this year. Each of the successful apprentices was given a sewing machine in June and July of this year to help them get started. At present, 23 apprentices can be trained both theoretically and practically in the classroom.

Carpenter‘s workshop

In the carpenter’s workshop completed in 2014 it is possible to train 5 apprentices at the same time. Since too few young people have so far been prepared for such training, it has not yet been possible to complete any apprenticeships. It is not sufficiently known in the region that this training opportunity exists. Thus defective school furniture or other things are repaired. But also cupboards and shelves in different sizes have been newly manufactured.


Hairdressing salon

Since 2013, it has been possible for around 20 young people a year to receive 3 years of theoretical and practical training. They learn the skills of hairdressing, make-up and manicure. To date, 20 young people have successfully completed their training. In two shifts, 4 of them each have the opportunity to do hairdressing for people from the surrounding area in the salon that was newly opened in January 2018 or to offer the other services they have learned.