School in Brufut

Our School

The „Sannehmentereng Nusery and Lower Basic School“ in Brufut has been open to children from both urban and rural areas for almost 20 years. The school is known far beyond the borders of the city of Brufut. About 35 children attend our kindergarten and preschool per class. These are then transferred to the Primary School. From the first to the sixth grade we have two classes per grade.

Creative House

Since the lessons in Gambia are only held as frontal lessons, our helpers and trainees try to loosen up the lessons by group work and introduction of didactics and methodology. With more supported playtime we want to encourage the children to think more creatively and logically. In the Creative House the children learn to make handicrafts, knead, cut, paint, puzzle, etc. In this way, we want to promote the independence and creativity of the students. They should become more responsible and dare to take their lives into their own hands. There is also a library in the Creative House.

dental hygiene

Some visitors to The Gambia have noticed that our kindergarten and school children have very bad teeth. They eat a lot of sweets and neglect their dental hygiene. Children often don’t have their own toothbrush at home either. Therefore two German companies were asked for help and several hundred toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes could be taken to Gambia. Every morning before class, the teeth are brushed together and stored in a specially sewn wall holder.

Alimentation & Exercise

Several cooks prepare nutritious food daily for about 630 children in the kitchen building, a small part of which is harvested from the school garden.

A sports field is available for sports activities. And of course, you shouldn‘t miss out on fun on your own playground.


More than 30 teachers look after the children in eight different school buildings, each with two or three classrooms. The school grounds also include numerous other facilities such as a creative house, a computer house and two pavilions for outdoor teaching. There are also separate rooms for the school director and the teachers.

Primary care

The site has sanitary facilities as well as a water and electricity supply. However, the latter is not really reliable. Power outages occur almost daily, making the use of computers or other technical products incalculable.

Digital education

A major concern of the association is to teach our students how to use modern IT equipment. Modern technology is also gaining more and more importance for the future in developing countries. In May 2018, Africa‘s first iPad class was introduced at our school. Both students and teachers use the equipment in their daily lessons. In addition to 20 iPads, 20 new notebooks are also available to the students in the EDP room. The projects were made possible by a generous donation from one of our sponsors. 


We currently employ 23 teachers at our school. All teachers have completed their studies and have many years of experience. In addition to their salaries, the association also provides medical care for teachers and their immediate family members. An overview of our teaching staff can be found on the following page.