The village of Sintet is about two hours drive from Brufut. The municipality of Sintet has transferred the property to the association free of charge in 2010. The first building was completed in spring 2013. In Sintet, the focus of training is not only on agriculture, as in Brufut, but also on tailoring.

Women's garden and school garden

In September 2017, we were able to recruit Lamin Jammeh, with a degree in Agriculture, for our agricultural project in Sintet. An agricultural building with office and storage space was built on the land, which is surrounded by walls. The tailor building is already home to our tailor training center since 2013. A deep spring with a pump and elevated tank supplies the entire property with water.

The agricultural school with dual training planned in 2017 could not be realized because the young people in Sintet were not enthusiastic about it.
 Lamin Jammeh is now focusing on a school garden with two helpers.
He experiments with plants and natural fertilizer from our dry toilet. The toilet was planned, built and also financed by Technik ohne Grenzen (ToG of OTH Amberg/Weiden).

The rich harvests are sold at the market and to hotels. The profits are used to pay for necessary seeds and materials. Up to 13 young people between the ages of 12-14 from the neighboring school come by several times a week in the afternoon. They help in the garden and also receive theoretical lessons from the agriculture teacher.

The women’s garden is a source of great joy. 34 women from the village of Sintet now cultivate their own beds. Each of them has been given a share of the garden. Thanks to the water tank, the harvest is rich. They can provide well for their families with it. Lamin Jammeh supports and advises them on all aspects of farming. We regularly receive pictures from Sintet and are there live to see how the garden grows and flourishes

Tailor shop

Since 2013, about 10 women from Sintet and the surrounding area have benefited from the tailoring school, which is located on the premises of the training center. They learn their craft in their own building with a tiled floor on treadle machines from Germany. Kaddy Jallow, the tailoring teacher, teaches them the basics and helps them sew their own fabrics and patterns. This way they can make clothes and utensils for their families and friends. The training takes about 3 years.