The village of Sintet is about two hours drive from Brufut. The municipality of Sintet has transferred the property to the association free of charge in 2010. The first building was completed in spring 2013. In Sintet, the focus of training is not only on agriculture, as in Brufut, but also on tailoring.


Since September 2017, 7 young men have started their apprenticeship as farmers and transformed the land in the training centre into a large garden. At the beginning of 2018, 6 girls from grades 7-8 of the opposite school started their work in the garden and are regularly taught by the agricultural teacher.
Due to the acute water problems there, the yields have not raised as high as they possible could have. Since April 2018 the problem has been solved by the new water supply and thus the conditions for a good agricultural use are given. Our outdoor area is also to be redesigned so that the cultivation of food and feed can be learned in practical work. In order to be able to guarantee this, a new well is also needed. This should ensure the water supply for the school grounds and the village of Sintet.

In addition to qualified training, the aim is to ensure self-financing for the necessary seeds, materials or objects for the training centre through the sale of cultivated vegetables.

Tailor shop

So far none of the approx. 23 registered tailor apprentices who started their apprenticeship in 2013 have successfully completed their apprenticeship as tailors. It is planned to take on new apprentices from the school next door and the nearby Upper Basic School this year. The current apprentices will complete their apprenticeships this year.