A special Event: 20 year anniversary

Now there are only a few days left and the long planned anniversary celebration on 16 March 2019 in the Musikomm Amberg will take place. Almost two years ago, when Karin Neumüller first mentioned the idea of such a big celebration in the board of directors, she not only received positive feedback. Nevertheless and thank God, we decided to celebrate 20 years of club history in this way. In many meetings of the board crew the planning of the celebration was an item on the agenda. Working groups were formed and persons responsible for the various tasks were appointed. Many helpers, including those outside the board team, worked together in advance. This was e.g. to prepare the elaborate chronicle of 20 years of association history in word and picture for movable walls, to send many invitations to all, which we wanted to welcome gladly on our celebration and to find the suitable external framework. We also cook food, buy drinks, organize cake and finger food, set up the stand of the association, make the hall and the foyer beautiful and inviting, provide enough helpers for the kitchen, drinks and cake buffet and much more. Last but not least, an attractive program with an official ceremony had to be put on the feet. Karin Neumüller had already been able to win the award-winning vocal ensemble VOX AETERNA for a benefit concert as a highlight of our celebration at the very beginning of our planning. The Lord Mayor of Amberg, Michael Cerny, promised his patronage, District Administrator Richard Reisinger also announced his visit and, of course, many others, standing in the public life of Amberg and the district of Amberg-Sulzbach, promised to come. And then it was there, the feast day. Many helpers came already at 10.00 o’clock in the morning into the Musikomm and started the many preparatory works. It was really a nice feeling and you could see how well the board team is working together. The helpers were assigned tasks in a very organized way, so that the usual confusion did not occur when preparing such a big event. Everything went like clockwork. It turned out: Good planning leads directly to the goal! Around 13.00 clock everything was prepared and one said goodbye, in order to refresh itself for the anniversary. Only about one hour later they were back on site. One last time everything talked through, the