Gambia always worth a visit!

Someone once said, “Once Gambia and then never again or it won’t let you go.” The second is true for me, because now it was my third Gambia trip and I would love to plan the next one again. After each of the past trips, my statement was: “No, I won’t go on a group trip anymore”. But what can I say, after this one in June, with the great troop and the many warm people who accompanied us on site, there will certainly be another one in the coming years. Since my focus was very much on our projects and the anniversary celebration at our school, I would like to briefly tell you about these two experiences. A detailed travel report of the country and its people and the small round trip will follow. Now that the group of 20 people, later 22, had arrived on Friday, June 7th, we settled down in our hotel. On Saturday everyone tried to arrive mentally and to explore the surroundings. Around noon two tailors came to the hotel to measure us all, because it is a tradition in Gambia that all those who celebrate together show togetherness by wearing the same fabrics. Since in 6 days the anniversary celebration should take place at our school, we were curious what Haruna, our instructor, in the tailoring and Fatou, the wife of our coordinator Hatab, would conjure up for us. On Sunday we started our little round trip to get to know the country and its people. But there will be an extra report, because I leave this to a “newcomer” from the group. Only so much of me: since I was here for the third time, as I said, I saw the progress that happened, even though poverty was still visible everywhere. Since we were just before the rainy season, I was very surprised how many tourists were still on the way and how well the hotels were visited. The direct flights to Gambia, which started in spring, are bearing fruit. I only hope that this development goes in the right direction and doesn’t end in “single flights”. Our first stop was Sintet, 150 km inland. There we were given a warm welcome and to my surprise I was able to hand over certificates and a sewing machine to the fully trained seamstresses. This already triggered a good feeling and also some