Final report by Julia and Iris

During the first week, when we were allowed to look at everything at the school and get used to things, we supported the nursery teachers of the first two classes. Otherwise we spent most of our working time in the Roundhouse. There we organized the lessons partly alone, partly together with Mr. Jatta. In the first weeks we glued all the books for the libraryessons and sorted them again by class level. This way we could put books for the respective classes on their places before the lesson, so that the children could start reading immediately without a huge chaos before. For the art lessons we drew and copied pictures for the lower classes, which we then prepared on the tables with pens before the lessons. From the originals of the colouring pictures, as well as a few newer ones that we designed especially for this purpose, we created a kind of colouring book, so that Mr. Jatta and other trainees will have templates in the future that they can copy and colour in the children. For the older students, we mainly thought up craft projects, which we used to decorate the ceiling and walls of the Creative House after completion. The biggest project was probably the dragon, as the children were able to use a lot of materials for it and the whole thing took several hours. Apart from that, of course, the long garland for the ceiling, the fish garlands on the windows, the stars, the little pigs, the big snail and the big poster with the colourful hands should not be forgotten. Towards the end of our stay we designed a kind of handicraft book for Mr. Jatta. For this we first collected handicraft ideas and then photographed step by step the process of the respective basic ideas up to the “finished” end product. We wrote a short sentence or text for each of the photos, so that we could finally compile a complete manual. Thus, this handicraft book contains both the instructions for the things we had already made with some classes as well as some completely new ones. We also collaborated on an art competition on climate change. With the help of Mr. Jatta, we selected particularly artistic pupils from two age groups each, who then designed two posters in groups. With our support, they exchanged ideas about the content of the posters until