History of the association

Socialis for The Gambia e.V.

Socialis for The Gambia e.V. is a non-profit, registered association, which was founded in 1999 (registered in the district court Amberg VR 1010). The board and all members work exclusively on an honorary basis. Our aim is to support the educational and vocational training of children and young people in The Gambia with material and non-material help. In this way we want to make a concrete contribution to promoting the educational level of the younger generation and thus to improving the quality of life and independence of the people in this country.

Completion of GMG Rooms Completion Inges Block About 460 children attend school 30 children will receive funding for further education at the Secondary School 10th anniversary of the association in Gebenbach Now 340 members First appearance of Tormenta Jobarteh for Socialis for The Gambia e.V. in Amberg


A plot of land in Sintet is transferred to the association for training purposes Two interns, Ruth and Sandra go to Brufut for a year The creative house planned by the members of the Leipzig group and largely financed by them through stand work and sponsored runs by the pupils


Wall in Sintet completed Two new trainees work in Brufut for one year Training building and shop in Brufut have been completed Since September about 20 children at our school and in the Brufut training centre Carol Singing Ammersricht donates € 5,000 Laying of the foundation stone in Sintet Frauenbund


Shipment of two containers with school furniture Opening of the tailor shop in Brufut 2nd film matinee in Amberg SIS Swiss International School Regenstauf donates the proceeds of the school festival to Socialis for The Gambia e.V. Shell construction in Sintet finished Our association is immortalized at the „Sculpture of


3rd film matinee at Union Kino, Amberg Opening of the shop at the tailor shop in Brufut In the now completed building with a classroom and a room that will later serve as a shop, the first 20 young people start their training as hairdressers. Finished construction of the first


Cinema event with lunch Movie: Ouaga Saga Annual general meeting with new election of the board of directors Shipment of the 9th container Assistance at the event of 50 years Dr. Luppa Gambian Evening in Amberg / Ammersricht Increase of the membership fee from 8.00 € to 10.00 € (as


2 trainees (Sophie and Elena) African film afternoon with coffee and cake Movie: On the way to school Annual general meeting Gambian Evening in Gebenbach Shipment of the 10th container Repair of roofs on the Brufut Nursery 1 and 2 school grounds Water pump in Sintet silted up


Annual general meeting Repair wells (water pump) Sintet Extraordinary general meeting with new elections and amendment of the statutes Gambian Evening in Amberg / Ammersricht Start of construction of the agricultural project with financial assurance from our sponsor Ceremonial laying of the foundation stone of the agricultural building Sintet 2 interns


2 trainees (Emily Bauerfeind and Victoria Berthold) African film afternoon with coffee and cake Movie: TGV to Conakry Group trip to Gambia Inauguration of the agricultural building, hiring of an agricultural teacher and start of apprenticeship for 7 apprentices Shipment of the 11th container with over 100 sewing machines Annual


Equipping the computer room with new laptops Introduction of iPad classes at school in Brufut Dental care project for children at school in Brufut Commissioning the solar system in the Brufut Skill Center New, deep borehole approx. 45 m and new water pump with connection to the power grid as