• 3rd film matinee at Union Kino, Amberg
  • Opening of the shop at the tailor shop in Brufut
  • In the now completed building with a classroom and a room that will later serve as a shop, the first 20 young people start their training as hairdressers.
  • Finished construction of the first house in Sintet
  • Opening of the tailor shop in Sintet
  • The 400th membership
  • Hairdresser‘s workshop open in Brufut
  • Construction of the carpenter‘s workshop in Brufut started
  • The interns Kerstin and Felix joined our Team in Gambia
  • Filmvorstellung im Ring Theater Amberg zusammen mit Projekthilfe Dr. Luppa. Als Film wurde “The man who stopped the desert” gezeigt. Wir haben die Kinobesucher mit Kaffee, Kuchen und afrikanischen Mittagessen bewirtet
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